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Located in the city of Miami,Fl, the Philharmonic Orchestra Project (“POP”) aims to innovate the symphonic experience in the music industry. With a roster boasting 25 exceptional musicians, led by multi Grammy Award-winning producer, composer, and conductor Carlitos Lopez, the orchestra showcases a diverse array of repertoire, empowering their ability to craft immersive and unforgettable musical experiences. 

About Us

Conductor, Music & Artistic Director

Carlos Fernando Lopez, widely known as "Carlitos Lopez," is an accomplished producer, composer, and conductor who seamlessly bridges the worlds of classical and popular music. His remarkable achievements include winning the Latin Grammy Award in 2022 for Best Christian Album (Marcos Witt - "Vivire"), in 2020 for Best Contemporary Classical Composition with his work "Sacre," and securing the coveted Record of the Year at the 2019 Latin Grammy Awards for "Mi Persona Favorita."


In addition to these accolades, Carlos proudly holds a Grammy Award for Best Latin Pop Album in 2016, an achievement he earned alongside the iconic Ricky Martin.

In the latest highlight of his career, Carlos' audio production skills have earned him an Emmy nomination in the category of Audio for 'Eudora's Fable: The Shoe Bird,' a collaboration with renowned conductor Gerard Schwarz, narrator Charle Adler and the Palm Beach Symphony Orchestra. 

Executive Director

Laura Lambuley, a Latin Grammy award-winning pianist, composer, and producer, has captivated audiences with her versatile musical expertise rooted in Colombian and Venezuelan traditions, classical music, and jazz. Raised in a family of music researchers in Colombia, Laura seamlessly blended diverse musical languages from a young age, leading to the success of her debut album, "Llano en Blanco y Negro." Her musical journey continued with jazz studies in New York and a master’s degree from Florida International University in Miami, culminating in her acclaimed album "Mestizo," reflecting her experiences as an immigrant, musician, and mother, showcasing her exploration of Colombian and Venezuelan traditional music, jazz, and classical music, and collaborating with world-class artists such as The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Laura has graced stages globally, representing Colombian culture at prestigious events and winning accolades in various competitions. Recently honored with the South Arts 2023 Awards-Jazz Road Creative Residency Grant, Laura is now making significant contributions as a teacher at the University of Miami and as the co-founder of L Music and L Music Edu, a vibrant hub for recording, producing, teaching, managing a music label, and promoting emerging artists in Miami.

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